After a year and a half of conducting business virtually, many people are craving in-person interaction, particularly when it comes to professional training. All of Proficiency1’s enterprise clients have requested that we supplement our self-paced online training offerings with in-person options, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. As reflected in our updated homepage, we are now an online and in-person training company.

In-person training is a natural addition for us because all of our online instructors started out working live, and most of us prefer to interact with our students—at least then we can tell if they laugh at our jokes. As a result, we can deliver nearly all of our self-paced online courses live on request. We can also build blended learning programs that combine the best of both worlds to meet customer needs. For example, we’ve created an analytic training program that mixes live classes with online material for analysts at one of the world’s largest companies. We’re doing the same for a cybersecurity firm and for a member of the US Intelligence Community.

The flagship of our in-person offerings is How to Think and Write Like an Analyst, a three-day course designed to serve as the foundational training experience for analysts tasked with providing insightful analysis to demanding customers. We also have a multi-day course to help beginners and veterans deliver more compelling briefings as well as leadership and management courses for supervisors at any level of experience.

We’re still working hard every day with our instructors and partners to build an outstanding online training platform at Proficiency1. Like a good analyst, however, we’re also focused on our customers’ needs, so we’re expanding into the in-person training world to help meet the pent-up demand for human interaction. We’d love to see you and your analysts online or in a classroom soon!

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