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Ethics Fitness Training

Instructor: Gina Bennett

Who Is This Course For?

Ethics Fitness Training provides a training program to enable you to become more ethically fit in your approach to daily decision-making, whether for business, government, national security, or life. Modeled after tried-and-true physical fitness programs, ethics fitness training will help you identify the role of ethics in your life, your baseline of fitness, and your unique goals and challenges and then create an ethics fitness routine that matches your specific needs.

You will learn the “sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and cardio” of ethics so you can start building strong ethical muscle memory with good form right away. The course provides variations on these basic building blocks of ethics fitness so you can refine your training program. With plenty of practice scenarios, you will hone your new skills and identify the issues that may tempt you to give up. As with a physical fitness program, you will also learn ways to build resilience and measure your progress. You may not see the results in the mirror, but you will feel your stronger ethical core.



This course will enable students to develop confidence in their understanding of the common ethical dilemmas and tensions that exist in business, government, and national security. Equipped with tools and structures to explore ethical methods for making controversial decisions with no known right or wrong answers, students can approach the workforce with the ability to contribute in a sophisticated and unbiased manner to ethical dilemmas.



For analysts, coping with multiple sides of an argument fraught with ambiguity, unknowns, assumptions, and data of varying reliability is a constant challenge to making a final assessment or decision. Ethics fitness training provides skills and tools to minimize the impact of the ambiguity and unknowns, enhancing confidence in analytic judgments.


Managers & Leaders

For managers and leaders, setting the standard for ethics in their workplace is a paramount responsibility. This course fills the gap in most management training by preparing leaders both to understand more fully multiple ways to make a “right” or “good” decision and to communicate more effectively and compassionately with a diverse workforce.

Be Ethically Fit

Good Ethical Form and Muscle Memory

Learn mindful approaches to decision-making that create good ethical form while you build the muscle memory to make ethical decisions instinctively.

Strong Core

Apply four core ethical frameworks and practice with variations of classic ethical tensions to build an ethics fitness routine based on your goals.


Hone your ethical fitness skills with rounds of practice so you can identify the triggers that challenge you the most and learn methods for developing resilience.

What People Are Saying About This Course

“This was a great course. I feel much better prepared to tackle the ethical challenges I expect will arise over the course of my career. Thank you!”

“Excellent course that allows students to examine their own moral compass and ethical beliefs.”

“I absolutely loved the materials, videos, and simulations that were chosen for this course. I learned from the real-life scenarios that were put forth to challenge us, which I found to be invaluable.”

What You'll Get

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What You'll Learn

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Mindful approaches to decision-making that create good ethical form while you build the muscle memory to make ethical decisions instinctively.
  • Core ethical frameworks and variations of classic ethical tensions so you can build an ethics fitness routine based on your goals.
  • How to apply your routine in a wide range of scenarios so you can adjust and remain agile as your circumstances change.
  • How to identify the challenges that may tempt you to give up your training.
  • Tools for building resilience so that you don’t give up on being ethically fit, even after mistakes.

Course Content


Lesson 1: Why Ethics Fitness

Lesson 2: Ethics Fitness Goals

Lesson 3: Creating Ethics Fitness Routines

Lesson 4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Lesson 5: Building Resilience

Meet Your Instructor

Gina Bennett

Gina Bennett is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where she teaches Ethics in Intelligence and National Security Decision-Making at the School of Foreign Service. She has taught hundreds of students in schools, government, and businesses. She is also an experienced member of the Intelligence Community with over 30 years of service as an analyst in the counterterrorism mission.

Gina is the Director of the Board of Girl Security, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that teaches and mentors young girls interested in national security fields. She is the author of two “National Security Mom” books, articles on counterterrorism, and the subject of several documentaries and interviews about her groundbreaking analysis and role as a leading woman in the field.

Gina earned her Bachelors degree at the University of Virginia and her Masters as a distinguished graduate of the Marine Corps War College. You can find more information about Gina, her books, and career at or

Gina Bennett

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