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Worried you lack gravitas?

Executive presence isn’t just for executives. Everyone in the workplace consciously and unconsciously communicates their competence to bosses, coworkers, employees, and customers, regardless of rank. The good news is that a more effective presence can be taught. In this report, you'll learn three ways to start improving your executive presence today.

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    “In a perfect world, skills-based assessments using objective, fair, clearly identified standards would determine how others judge you as a professional. We live in a very different world, however. That's why you need to master the unwritten rules of executive presence”

    Chris Savos

    Author: chris Savos

    Dr. Chris Savos, the Director of Proficiency1, is dedicated to helping analysts everywhere build great careers. For the last six years he’s taught a popular in-person seminar on executive presence based in part on his experiences assessing and developing analysts and managers at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

    Chris has extensive experience as an executive manager, leader, and analyst with the CIA, where he worked for 22 years and earned the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the Agency’s highest award for career service.