your instructor: dr. Chris savos

Chris has extensive experience as an executive manager, leader, and analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), where he worked for 22 years and earned the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the Agency’s highest award for career service. Chris is now the director of Proficiency1.

What you'll learn in this free course:

  • How analysts fit into the overall mission of the CIA
  • Common traits of all analysts and what’s required to succeed as one at the Agency
  • What analysts do from day to day and throughout a career
  • What types of products analysts write and how the process of research, writing, coordination, review, and dissemination works
  • The pros of being an Agency analyst, those factors that lead most people to stay for a career
  • The cons of being an analyst, the sources of frustration most analysts face
  • What Agency recruiters tend to look for and how you can make yourself stand out as an exceptional applicant
  • How to avoid running afoul of the security clearance process
  • How the hiring process works


An Insider's View on Being a CIA Analyst

This free course is for anyone considering applying to be an analyst at the CIA who wants to know more about the job, how to apply, and how to improve their chances of being hired.

It provides anyone interested in the business of intelligence an overview of what analysts do and how they play into the broader world of national security.

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