We're building a community of experts

What We’re Doing

Proficiency1 is building a marketplace of online courses developed by experienced professionals. Our students work (or want to work) in the national security and risk intelligence communities, broadly defined. In fact, most of our courses are perfect for any professional whose career requires them to understand, analyze, and engage the world.

Our Courses

We are working with instructors now to develop courses in four categories:

  • Professional and analytic skills
  • Domain expertise
  • Leadership and management
  • Foreign languages

How It Works

We start by working you to help them develop your online course so it meets our standards. Then we help with course production, recording, and editing and load the final product into our learning management system. Finally, we promote the course through the Proficiency1 website and marketplace. When a student enrolls in a course, we share the revenue with you. As our catalog of courses grows, so to will the traffic to our marketplace and the number potential students who will see your course.

We’ll Help You Get Online

Our goal is to help experts who have experience teaching in person expand their impact by providing a platform for developing, delivering, and marketing their content much more broadly. You don’t have to be an expert in online learning or know anything about online marketing. We’ve got that covered, so you can focus on putting together the best possible courses to share with the world.

The Benefits of Working With Proficiency1

Woman lecturing

Make a Bigger Impact

Let’s face it: you can only be in one classroom at a time, but every course on Proficiency1 has the potential to reach thousands of professionals who can benefit from the knowledge in your head.

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Diversify Your Income

We win when you win. That’s why we’ll market your courses as effectively as we can, and with our revenue-sharing model you’ll earn money every time a student takes your course.

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Build Your Network

Joining the Proficiency1 community of instructors will give you access to a network of experts across a wide range of fields. Share war stories, tips for better teaching, course development, and marketing.

Three Steps to Success With Proficiency1

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Plan Your Course

Ready to go? An easy first step is to reach out to us and tell us what you’d like to teach. We’re happy to talk if you have existing syllabi or training materials and would like to learn how to translate them into online courses.

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Develop Your Course

Whether you’re an old hand at developing online courses or new to the game, we have you covered. We’ll provide you an easy-to-follow course development guide and plenty of support along the way.

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Market Your Course

Once your course is up on Proficiency1 it’s time to market it. We’ll work with you to come up with a launch and marketing plan leveraging your networks and ours to maximize the number of students enrolling in your course.

Contact Us

Ask us any questions about being an instructor or share an idea for a course topic.