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Practical online training for national security and risk intelligence professionals from Proficiency1, a division of JTG, inc.

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Online training makes more sense now than ever…

Proficiency1 provides a flexible, cost-effective way to gain the skills you need to land the job you want and to excel once you get there. You can take our courses when you want and where you want. No need to travel or worry about social distancing: just log on, tune in, and learn.

Our instructors are current and former experts in their fields, and they won’t waste your time with fluff. Instead, you’ll get practical, real-world solutions to your biggest professional challenges in a fraction of the time — and cost — of academic training.

…but sometimes you want live interaction, and we’ve got that covered too.

Many of our self-paced online instructors are also available to provide their content live to our enterprise clients. We’ve created analytic training programs that mix live classes with online material for analysts at one of the world’s largest companies. We’re doing the same for a cybersecurity company and a member of the US Intelligence Community.

Our Courses

Man writing with laptop

Professional and Analytic Skills

We’re developing a wide range of courses to help you master the core skills of analysis, writing, and communication that are fundamental to your success.

Two men looking at laptop

Domain Expertise

Whether you’re new to the professional world, coping with new responsibilities, or just keeping up to date, our domain expertise courses will get you up to speed quickly on subjects you need to master.

Woman teaching class

Leadership and Management

As your career takes off you’re going to find yourself managing and leading people, often without any training in advance. Learn practical strategies and tactics for success from leaders who have been there.

Our Instructors

Senior Experts With Real-World Experience

Our instructors all have decades of experience working in just about every government agency and military service, not to mention a slew of private sector companies that do business in the national security and risk intelligence worlds.

Mission-Critical Knowledge and Skills

Because our instructors have worked, managed, and led in their fields, they know what it takes to be successful. Every course at Proficiency1 will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to perform better in your job.

How We Work

If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions we haven’t answered, please let us know.

How many courses do you have?

We’re constantly working to expand our catalogue. Check out our course page to see what we’re developing.

What are your courses like?

Our first offerings are self-paced courses ranging from roughly two to four hours in length, with a modular design that makes them easy to complete. They combine video, screencasts, and other elements. We also offer live webinar and in-person courses.

Can I take courses on my phone?

Absolutely. We know you’re busy and looking for ways to make every minute count. Our courses will be available through the Teachable app.

How do I become an instructor for Proficiency1?

We’re always looking for great new faculty. Click here to learn more.

What do courses cost?

Most of our initial course offerings will be $199. Sign up for the mailing list to receive limited-time launch discounts and other special offers.

Do you offer training for organizations?

Yes. We can develop custom training programs and provide multi-user discounts for your organization.

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An Insider’s View on Being a CIA Analyst: Pros, Cons, and Tips for Applicants

Instructor: Chris Savos

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