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Proficiency1 e-learning platform delivers personalized training experience that aligns with workforce ever-changing career to enhance success, engagement, productivity, and retention.

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Proficiency1 offers Certification Programs in Four Areas: Analyst Level 1, Advanced Analyst, Leadership and Management, and Crime Analyst. These programs demonstrate your commitment to gaining proficiency in your craft. Companies can use Profiencieny1 Certification Programs to provide consistent training for their analysts These programs range from 10 – 16 hours of total lecture time but are broken up into segments that are usually less than 10 minutes each, which allows you to work on your own schedule and at your own pace.

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So, You Want to Be an Intelligence Analyst: An Insider’s Perspective

This course is for anyone considering applying to be an intelligence analyst in the government or private sector. Taught by an experienced CIA analyst, this course teaches you more about the job, how to apply, and how to improve your chances of being hired. There’s very little useful, accurate, and honest information available on what being an intelligence analyst is really like; this course effectively and efficiently fills this gap.

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