Guiding the Next Generation of National Security Leaders

Our Vision

Helping People Build Great Careers

We know from personal experience how important mastering key skills and acquiring subject matter expertise was for our own careers. We have benefited from a vast number of experts over the years who took the time to share their knowledge and know-how with us. Now it’s our turn.

Our vision for Proficiency1 is to create a place where professionals in the national security field come to get the skills they need to land a great job, earn a well-deserved promotion, and to help them build a rewarding career.

Our Mission

Delivering Great Courses at Affordable Prices

Proficiency1’s mission is to make the process of acquiring key skills and knowledge more efficient, more fun, and more affordable. Proficiency1 works with senior national security and risk intelligence professionals to provide transformative, efficient, and affordable professional development to people all over the world. Wherever you are, we’re here to help.

Our Students

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Proficiency1 students are  women and men committed to the preservation of peace and security. They are:

  • Young people looking to gain the skills they’ll need to build careers in the national security field;
  • New managers mastering the art of leadership;
  • Professionals in new positions who need to get up to speed on a new range of issues; and
  • Lifelong learners who want to stay abreast of new technologies and geopolitics.