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So, You Want to Be An Intelligence Analyst: An Insider’s Perspective

This course is for anyone considering applying to be an intelligence analyst in the government or private sector.  Taught by an experienced CIA analyst, this course teaches you more about the job, how to apply, and how to improve your chances of being hired. There’s very little useful, accurate, and honest information available on what being an intelligence analyst is really like; this course effectively and efficiently fills this gap. 

Courses for Analysts and Managers

Analysis 101: Strategies for Success as an Analyst

If you’re like many analysts, you had to start your career with little guidance on how to think about, conduct, and convey analysis to a skeptical customer set. This course provides you with practical strategies for approaching analysis as a professional, working with others effectively, and avoiding the pitfalls that trip up so many analysts.

Analytic Writing 101: Techniques to Master Writing

Whether you’re evaluating policies, assessing risk, or analyzing foreign countries, this course will help you provide clear and concise written products. Its tips target common writing problems and will quickly raise your writing game.

Writing for Your Executive Customer: The Keys to Analytic Writing With Impact

This course will help you sharpen your writing skills to create more effective analytic products that will meet the needs of your senior customers.  You’ll learn from a 30-year CIA analytic veteran how to produce, organize, support, and present analytic judgments that will provide value and unique insights to your readers.

How to Craft an Insightful Leadership Profile: Assessing Leaders From Politicians and CEOs to Terrorists and Technologists

In this course you’ll learn from another of Proficiency1’s 30-year CIA analytic veterans how to apply rigorous analytic standards and leadership theory to craft portraits of any type of leader.  He’ll show you how to provide unique insights into the leadership styles, negotiating tactics, decisionmaking process, and personal details of figures in the public eye.

Introduction to Leading Analysis

Bruce Pease, author of Leading Intelligence Analysis: Lessons from CIA’s Analytic Front Lines, shares pragmatic advice for managers of analysts and analysis. Bruce established and led the Agency’s Office of Terrorism Analysis immediately following the 9/11 attacks and held numerous other positions where he helped analysts deliver insightful products on critical issues.

Mastering the Unwritten Rules of Executive Presence: How to Craft a Confident, Captivating Professional Persona

Executive presence isn’t just for executives. Every professional consciously and unconsciously communicates their competence to bosses, coworkers, and customers. Learn how to hone your presence to become a more effective, trusted, and respected professional

Ethics Fitness Training

This course offers an introduction to ethics and provides professionals with a framework for developing their ethical code and integrating it into their decisionmaking routine. The instructor is a 30-year Intelligence Community member, and she’ll give you tools to steer your behavior when your organization’s rules don’t provide the guidance you need.

Leading Well: Six Habits That Inspire People to Contribute Their Best

This comprehensive leadership course provides a clear and practical action plan for implementing the six habits for leading well. It identifies what type of leader you are, shows how you can build an effective team and fully develop its members, and helps you deepen and employ empathy to improve your professional relationships. The instructor is former Army Colonel, bestselling leadership author, and business leader Chris Kolenda.

Build Your Strategy: The 5-D Strategy Process

Another offering from our partners at Kolenda Strategic Leaders Academy, this course provides practical guidance for leaders of any type of organization to develop and implement an effective strategic plan. Chris Kolenda includes proven exercises and examples to walk you through every step in his process and offers an option to work directly with him to map out your strategy for success.

Understanding China’s Worldview

The course presents the roots and key elements of China’s worldview—the master narrative the Chinese use to make sense of the world and their place in it—and examines how this perspective has shaped the evolution of China’s foreign policy and still drives it today.

Understanding China’s Armed Forces

Dennis Blasko, a former Army Attaché in Beijing and Hong Kong and Senior Military Fellow at the National Defense University, literally wrote the book on the Chinese Army (The Chinese Army Today). This course, which includes an eBook, China’s Armed Forces: A Compendium, is his follow-up and provides a comprehensive view of all elements of China’s rapidly expanding and improving armed forces.

Search 101: Search Methodology for Open-Source Intelligence

Proficiency1 is pleased to partner with Plessas Experts Network to offer foundational OSINT training for analysts of all types. Founder Kirby Plessas has trained more than 18,000 professionals to get the most out of publicly available information. This course provides practical strategies and tips for going beyond simple online searches. 

Understanding Cybersecurity

Former senior National Security Agency official Rhea Siers shares her expertise in a course that provides a practical primer for anyone entering the world of cybersecurity or who wants to understand the who, how, and why of cyber. She introduced the key players, techniques, and objectives while providing a practical overview of how to think about and analyze cybersecurity.

Leadership Strategies For Analysts: The 3 Essential Ingredients for Success

Leadership Coach and Former CIA Senior Manager Debra Lang teaches the importance of leadership to success as an analyst regardless of formal role.  She teaches you how to be reliable, rewarding to work with, and resilient–the 3 essential ingredients for a rewarding and productive analytic career. This course provides a foundation for professionals who aspire to build trust, create a supportive work environment, and thrive regardless of conditions.

Language-Related Courses

Introduction to Translation and Interpretation

This introductory course is for bilingual individuals who aspire to turn their language skills into a rewarding career. It lays down a foundation for understanding the fundamental concepts and principals of translation and interpretation.

Our Next Wave

We’re working on more courses right now that we plan on launching in the next few months, including:

  • Creative Thinking for Analysts
  • Leadership Strategies for Analysts
  • Critical Thinking for Analysts: Avoiding Common Analytic Pitfalls

If there are other courses you’d like to see for yourself or for analysts working for you, please contact us below and let us know. If there’s a course you think you could add to this list, please visit our Proficiency1 page for potential instructors.

Course FAQs

If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions we haven’t answered, please let us know.

What will your courses be like?

Our first offerings are self-paced courses ranging from roughly two to eight hours in length, with a modular design that makes them easy to complete. They combine video, screencasts, and other elements. In the future, we will offer live webinar courses.

Can I take courses on my phone?

Absolutely. We know you’re busy and looking for ways to make every minute count. Our courses will be available through the Teachable app.

What will courses cost?

Most of our initial course offerings will range in price from $199 to $399. Sign up for the mailing list to receive limited-time launch discounts and other special offers.

Do you offer training for organizations?

Yes. We can develop custom training programs and provide multi-user discounts for your organization.