E38 Academy Is Now Proficiency1

by admin
October 1, 2020
Proficiency1 Website

As we mentioned in our last post on E38’s old website, we stood down from launching E38 Academy last year while negotiating its purchase by an established training company. We’re now able and happy to announce that E38 is moving forward as Proficiency1, a division of JTG, Inc, with a soft launch we’ll be publicizing more broadly on 5 October. We have three courses available now and will be adding more regularly.

Our new parent company, JTG, inc., helps government and commercial clients harness the power of data, analytics, language, culture, and technology to achieve their global business and security objectives. Because of this focus on languages, we’ll be adding language training as the fourth pillar of our offerings, joining our three existing pillars of analytic and professional skills, domain expertise, and leadership and management.

If you followed us on our E38 LinkedIn page or Twitter account, please shift over to our new Proficiency1 LinkedIn page and Twitter account. We’ll be posting regularly on Proficiency1’s upcoming content while commenting on subjects relevant to analysts working on national security and risk intelligence issues in the public and private sectors. Please join us at Proficiency1!