Proficiency1’s Initial Offerings

by admin
October 8, 2020
Globe held in hand

Here at Proficiency1 we’re busy building up our catalogue of offerings to serve the needs of national security and risk intelligence professionals, and we already have three of my courses as part of our soft launch that you can check out now. They’ll give you a sense of our overall approach to providing useful information and practical guidance in focused, easily digestible chunks.  Best of all, two of the three are free for now!

  • Ten Tips to Improve Your Analytic Writing: Practical Writing Advice From a Former Analytic Manager.  As the name suggests, this free course offers 10 tips for improving your analytical writing from a former senior CIA analytic manager — spoiler alert: it’s me — who reviewed thousands of analytic products. By the end of this course you’ll be able to avoid common pitfalls that can distract your reader and keep them from understanding your product’s message, believing it, or even deciding to read it in the first place.

In terms of what you can look forward to from Proficiency1 in the coming months, we have a range of courses coming in our professional and analytic skills, domain expertise, and leadership and management pillars, including:

  • Writing for Your Executive Customer: The Keys to Analytic Writing With Impact
  • How to Craft an Insightful Leadership Profile: Assessing Leaders From Politicians and CEOs to Terrorists and Technologists
  • Ethics Fitness Training: How to Make Ethical Decisions as an Analyst
  • Strategies for Success as an Analyst
  • Understanding China’s Worldview
  • An Overview of China’s Military
  • How Pakistan Works
  • Leading in a Crisis
  • An Introduction to Terrorism Analysis
  • An Introduction to Public Health Analysis
  • The Fundamentals of Risk Management

If there’s something you‘d like to see a course on that would help you advance and excel as a professional, please let us know.  You can follow our catalogue as it grows here, and please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates on new courses.