Proficiency1 Is Helping Instructors Make the Jump Online

by admin
December 3, 2020

Are you an instructor who has great content and wants to reach a worldwide audience but find the thought of moving your courses online daunting? If you’re used to running in-person classes, the detached world of on-demand, online content delivery probably seems unattractive. The technical requirements for creating, posting, and managing an asynchronous course almost certainly seem intimidating, if not overwhelming. We’ve created Proficiency1 as a community to help you overcome these roadblocks and get online.

We’re recruiting current and former practitioners and experts in national security and risk intelligence to join the Proficiency1 team and create courses with us. Our biggest challenge is addressing the understandable concerns and doubts our potential recruits have about moving online. We’re meeting this challenge by providing a support structure to help potential instructors choose and refine course topics; adapt their content to effective online delivery; and create, record, manage, and market their online courses. I recently made this online transition myself, so I understand the issues and can relate to the misgivings associated with the process.

If you’ve been thinking about taking great content you already have–or know you could create–and putting it online to reach the broadest possible audience but don’t know how to begin, let us help. If you’re a tech-savvy and experienced online instructor looking for a new outlet for your content, check us out. Visit our instructor page at Proficiency1.com and if it sounds good, get in touch with us. We’d love to have you online and on our team!